Textable was designed and implemented by LangTech Sàrl on behalf of the department of language and information sciences (SLI) at the University of Lausanne (Unil).

The largest part of funding was initially provided by the Unil’s Teaching innovation fund (Fonds d’innovation pédagogique - FIP), and led to the release of Textable v1.0 in summer 2012.

Textable’s development has continued between 2012 and 2013, still carried on by LangTech Sàrl, while the program was being gradually integrated to courses taught at Unil’s department of SLI (where most of the tutorials that would later become the Getting started section of this documentation have been created).

In automn 2013, Textable became a registered Orange Canvas add-on and was renamed to Orange Textable (v1.3). This promotion has made it possible to reach a much larger pool of users, as witnessed by a steadily increasing number of downloads.

In early 2014, Unil’s FIP has renewed its support to Orange Textable by granting a maintenance funding. This has made it possible for LangTech Sàrl to collaborate with the creators of Orange Canvas, University of Ljubljana’s Biolab for producing the latest version of Orange Textable (v1.4).

In the meantime, Unil’s Faculty of Arts has granted additional funding for translating Orange Textable’s User guide from French to English, a work which is currently under completion and based on which this online documentation is regularly enriched.

Besides LangTech Sàrl and Aris Xanthos who have been involved at about every step of Orange Textable’s conception, implementation, documentation, and so on, a special mention should be made to Benjamin Gay (specifications, conception and implementation), people at Biolab (in particular Blaž Zupan and Aleš Erjavec for conception and implementation work), Corinne Morey (French to English translation of the user guide), and many students (and a few scholars) at Unil for their indispensable feedback as users of Orange Textable.

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